(#ZD079) Monkey Z50 Rear Disc Brake Assy (8")

(#ZD079) Monkey Z50 Rear Disc Brake Assy (8")
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Product Weight: 3.9000kg
Parts Number: ZD079
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Main Features & Specifications:

  • Spare Parts #: ZD079
  • Description: Complete Set of Rear Disc Brake Assy ( Incl Brake Holders, Disc, CNC Alloy hub, Caliper, Brake Shoes, Hose, Alloy connection plate, Reserve) 
  •                      Fit for 8" Rear Wheel
  • Spec: Rear Sprocket Hole Distance (HC to HC in next) -- 46.5mm
  •          Rear Wheel Hub (Rim) Diameter (Bolt HC-HC) --91mm ( totally 4 bolts position)
  •          Rear Wheel Hub (Rim) Bolt Distance (HC-HC in next) -- 65mm ( totally 4 bolts position)
  •            Disc Diameter -- 12.2cm
  •            Wheel Axle Diameter -- 12mm
  • Color: Silver
  • This upgrade spare parts to be used on HONDA Z50 , Z50 STYLE REPLICA, Z50J, Z50R, G50F, GOLF50, etc

Package Includes:

  • 1 x CNC Alloy Rear Wheel Hub (wz Disc installed, bearing, oil seal, sleeve included)
  • 1 x Set of Rear Brake Assy ( Incl Twin Cylinder Caliper, Connection Plate, Reserve, Oil Hose, Master Cylinder wz Brake Pedal Connection Rod)
  • 1 x CNC Alloy Brake Assy connection Plate (From Brake Assy to swing arm & Axle)
  • 2 x Master Cylinder connection plate ( From Engine bolts to Master Cylinder bolts)
  • 4 x Rim/Hub Connection Bolts wz washer/spring
  • 3 x Rear Sprocket Bolts wz nuts
  • 2 x Engine Mounting extended bolts (Connecting Master Cylinder to CRF Engine)
  • 2 x Alloy Spacers
  • 1 x Brake Pedal connection Rod
  • NW/GW: 3.50kg/3.90kg


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